Cat Fight: TSU Tigers vs U of M Tigers 88-64

It was a Tiger on Tiger, cat fight, Thursday night on the 1st of December, as the U of M Tigers took on the TSU Tigers. The Memphis Tigers started off dominating the scoreboard with 9 straight unanswered points as the TSU Tigers struggled to keep up. Ramses Lonlack scored the first points of the game and did not let up scoring 17 points for the Memphis Tigers.

The Memphis Tigers showed great presence, defensive skills, and overall teamwork against the TSU Tigers as Brittnay Carter scored a game-high 23 points and scored a career-high six steals, Danay Collier  scored 12 points and Jasmine Lee added on with 11 boards. Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir had eight assists, a career-high, helping the Tigers improve to 6-1 on the season. Tennessee State fell to 3-5 with the loss.

This was a great feat for the lady Tigers as this was their second-highest total of the season and the team assisted on a season-high 24 baskets. The Tigers connected on a 33-of-63 shots (52.4 percent) and held Tennessee State to 22-of-68 (32.4 percent) shooting, according to official Memphis Athletics.

The band added to the intimate feel  and enthusiasm by chanting “D up” and “Ole” every time a 3 point basket was made.

The fans had the the entire gym live as well. When some fans were asked what brought them out their responses were as lively as the action taking place on the court.

I love basketball and we seem to have a women’s program that’s on the rise. It’s great entertainment,” said Keionia Ellison University of Memphis freshman

     “I came to show support for the team…,” said DeAubrey Weekly University of Memphis freshman

     “I wanted to come out and support the lady tigers throughout the season, “said Keenan Alexander University of Memphis freshman

The halftime score was 55-32 with the Memphis Tigers up against the TSU Tigers.

Tennessee State had some key players keeping them in the game scoring in double-digits, led by Destiney Gaston’s 20 points. Jasmin Shuler contributed 15 points and Kesi Hess scored 13 points.

The final score in the end was 88-64 putting the Memphis Tigers at a 8 games won to only 1 game lost for the season, which is a great improvement from the previous season for the Tigers.


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