Memphis vs Belmont: Fans

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Image 1: The arena is silenced as men of the Armed Forces make their way across the court between the Memphis and Belmont teams lined up during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Image 2: A fan and U of M student, Joseph Claiborne, taunts the Belmont players by booing as they  come onto the court.

Image 3: Members of the Memphis band hold up their finger in unison as, “put your fingers up,” is yelled as a Memphis player approaches the free throw line after being fouled.

Image 4: Fans clasp their hands over their mouths in awe as Memphis player, Chris Crawford, goes down after slipping on a wet spot on the court.

Image 5: Memphis fan throws up his arms in relief as the Tigers recover the ball from a struggle with the opposing Belmont team.


One response to “Memphis vs Belmont: Fans

  1. I don’t know much about sports but, I do love to watch basketball. Your pictures are really good. I like how you captured the excitement of the game. I love the pictures of the all the fans! It makes me feel as if I was there. Go tigers!!!

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