Surprise Surprise.

Sheila Guerrero poses for a photo after discussing her feeling about a least favorite basketball team.

 Surprise, surprise yet another basketball fan. Sheila Guerrero, a University of Memphis junior journalism major, had no hesitation in offering up her favorite sport.

 ” Yes, my favorite sport is basketball, but I do not have a favorite team,” said Sheila Guerrero.

Even with the basketball season reaching yet another month in the lockout there are still loyal fans to the franchise. For how long though? But even with Sheila admitting  to not having a favorite team she expressed her feeling about a least favorite team, the Lakers, and why.

“I believe most of the players are dirty players and they’ll do almost anything to win. Even if that means harming another player…I can’t stand the Lakers; I’m not a fan of Kobe Bryant either,” said Guerrero.

Whether one is a fan of certain team or not, everyone is just going to have be patient due to the lockout.


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