How To Remain Competitive in Sports Photography

Keeping a competitive edge in photography is a necessary means for survival. There are always the pressures of keeping up with equipment, thinking of fresh ideas for photos, learning new manipulation techniques, etc.

Photography in every aspect is an art and demands a level of dedication that only few can master. But for sports photographers, it can go a step farther. There are deadlines like any other career, but for sports photographers there are a laundry-list of other obligations to boot.

 ” Looking at flights, hotels…booking the rental cars, finding out places to stay at… you have to know where the arenas are, how easy it is to get into a city and out of a city, if you need to go a day before a game, if you can go the day of a game,” said Mark Weber, a photographer for the Commercial Appeal.

According to Jerry Lodriguss, photographer and author, there are eight elements that are necessary, talent, skill, knowledge, practice, desire, work, opportunity, and luck. Photography is not just something one can wing, it takes true effort, dedication, and luck at times.

 “Some say you can’t control it, but it favors the prepared. On the other hand, sometimes being in the right place to get the best picture is strictly a matter of chance…,” said Lodriguss.

With sports photography, for all photography for that matter, the cost of staying up to date on equipment is possibly the toughest element. For example the EOS-1D Mark IV, which is the latest camera released by Canon, costs approximately $5,000, and that is for the body alone. The industry is certainly competitive, time consuming, but it can be one of great joy for those who wish to pursue it.

“ You don’t take a photograph, you make it,…Full awareness of what makes a good photo is essential in taking great photographs, Ansel Adams.”,Ansel



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