NBA: Where Nothing Happens.

 With the NBA lockout about to enter into it’s fifth month one can only ask, what does this mean for the NBA? There have been jokes made, spoofs galore, and ill-humored stabs into the entire debacle occuring between the owners and the players; but how has this affected the general public?

Keionia Ellison, University of Memphis freshman student said, “Well I’m a huge basketball fan and because of the lockout there is nothing on tv for me to watch. During the season that’s basically all I watch.”

However not everyone feels the same when asked about the lockout.

“I have not missed the NBA. My life has not been affected by basketball not being on tv,” said Alison Pittman, University of Memphis psychology major.

Regardless to the multiple mixed emotions everyone is being affected one way or another. For the city of Memphis, TN it has had a great impact for the revenue that the Grizzle games bring into the city. With the recent announcement that games have been cancelled though November one can only image what and who else will see changes due to this unfortunate situation.


One response to “NBA: Where Nothing Happens.

  1. I like how you captured both sides of people’s opinions on the lockout situation. I think the NBA players should show some humility and get back to playing the game. The picture describes the situation perfectly!

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